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We love old Florida houses. The slanted wood floors, the rambling inconsistency of years of adding on and repair, the crystal doorknobs and the old, rough-cut cypress siding absolutely delight me. So, when we found this little house that was built in the 1920's, I knew it was the right place for our counseling and wellness office.

When you first come into the office, you may be hesitant to enter, as many before you have felt. Besides the courage it ta kes to come to see a counselor , you may feel hesitant to actually come in the door. Many people have called me from the front porch to make sure that they are not walking into someone's home because of the casual nature of the office. The office environment is a mixture of thrift store finds, my (and other artists') original artwork, antique furniture, original crystal doorknobs and modern touches with all of the comforts of home. This is an old Florida home complete with an old fashioned, imperfect, lived-in feel.

Please know that we do not have an in-office assistant to greet you when you arrive and we may be in session helping someone else. So, make yourself at home, have a cup of tea in the tea room, be patient and breathe deeply until we can greet you. Occasionally, we may run behind schedule, so feel free to ring the bell to let us know you have arrived.

Rest assured, you are welcome here.

--Stacey, Valarie, Heidi and Christar





Having trouble locating the office? It's easy to miss. The office is located in a free standing building that is covered in rough cut cypress wood and has a wooden front porch. This building is on the corner of Brevard Avenue and Victoria Avenue between McGregor Blvd. and Cleveland Avenue. We are located near the Edison Home, Fort Myers High School, Edison Park Elementary School, downtown Fort Myers and the new Publix Shopping Center.

You may park on either side of the building. Walk down the sidewalk in front of the building to the main entrance on the front porch. Once inside, relax and enjoy the comfortable waiting area until I greet you, as I am often already in session. If you are a new client, please arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so you can complete the required paperwork.

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