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"Adulting" can be hard! Even though we are "all grown up", we still get confused, feel neglected or disempowered, and lost. We all need support, assistance or new education to help us grow sometimes.

Whether we are a young adult, a middle aged adult, or an older adult, whether we are part of a couple or not, and whether we are parents or not, we are all on a journey to understand ourselves. We all have an innate wisdom to guide us. We can help you sort out the day to day difficulties and stresses to help you reconnect with your path.

We can guide you to heal, to learn, to grow and to find your own answers that will serve your highest and greatest good. Using strategies from the philosophies of counseling psychology, mindfulness, yoga and ayurveda, we offer an integrative method for wellness.

You may schedule a Counseling appointment with Stacey Brown HERE. To make an appointment for  for wellness services such as Meditation, or Ayurveda, please contact Stacey at [email protected].

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