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Rates, Insurance and Payments


Counseling Services may be paid for privately or through your insurance benefits.

You may schedule a telehealth appointment and verify your insurance coverage HERE.

When you sign up for an appointment, you will be asked to provide a credit card number to reserve the appointment time.  If you are utilizing insurance, you will be responsible for the copayment as outlined by your insurance policy.  No charges will be incurred until after the service is provided.

Cancellation Policy
In the event of a no-show for your planned appointment, or cancellation of an appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will be charged the cost of the service.  Appointments may be rescheduled easily, if needed, through your online calendar account at any time prior to the 24 hour window.


When your appointment is booked online, you will be asked to submit your credit card number.  This will secure your appointment time (just like you do with a hotel reservation).  If you are utilizing insurance for counseling services, your credit card will only be charged the copayment that is listed on your insurance card. Please watch your email for billing statements that may need attention.

All major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. 

Wellness Services are not covered by medical insurance. Once wellness services have been scheduled, you may pre-pay for your wellness sessions through PayPal by clicking on the PayPal button on the Make a Payment page.


We currently provide counseling services for several insurance companies through the Grow Therapy platform.  You will be able to verify coverage when you sign up for your appointment HERE.

You must be aware of certain issues concerning the utilization of insurance for counseling services:

Billing your insurance means that your treatment will be considered "medically necessary." Therefore, I am required to give you a psychiatric diagnosis. Once you have begun counseling, your counseling sessions must be "justified" as medically necessary in order for insurance to continue to pay for your sessions.  A diagnosis code and a service code must be reported to your insurance in order for the service to be covered.  Most people who come to me for counseling are not "sick," but are instead struggling with general life issues.  We will discuss diagnosis and treatment plans during the course of our meeting.

More often than not, insurance will not cover couples counseling.  If you are seeking "couples counseling" through your insurance, one person in the couple will be identified as the ''client" and insurance requirements for diagnosis and service codes will apply.  The "couples counseling" session will be billed as "family counseling".

Out of Network Reimbursements for Private Pay

Occasionally, insurance companies are willing to pay for an out of network provider and they may be willing to agree to a special contract with me under certain circumstances. If you aren't sure whether this is an option, please contact your insurance carrier. Ask them if they will "reimburse for an out of network provider". If they will do this, you will pay out of pocket as we go at the time of service just like I described at the top of this page. Then, my billing staff will supply you with the necessary paperwork that you will need to submit the request for reimbursement of services to your insurance provider.

The benefit of this "out of network provider" scenario is that I am not required to supply information to the insurance company about the content of our sessions so confidentiality is preserved. Your privacy is protected and you get reimbursement that will hopefully cover the majority of the cost of your counseling. Each person's insurance policies are different and specific rules may apply to you, so please research this before coming to an appointment with me. It is important for you to understand what is possible based on your policy.


Please contact Laurie Stancel at [email protected] for further information if you have been a client prior to December 10, 2023.

If you are a new client after December 10, 2023, please contact the Grow Therapy staff at [email protected] or +1 (786) 755-1863.

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