Services Provided

Our professional counseling staff provides individual assessments and counseling for for adults, children and teenagerscouples and marriage counseling and family counseling is available. Stacey BrownValarie Olsen and Heidi Swanson are available to help you.

Wellness services that are available include Individual Yoga Instruction, and Ayurvedic Consultations offered by Stacey and Valarie. Individual sessions for Meditation Training are offered by StaceyValarie and Heidi. Massage is offered by Christar DamianoReiki is offered by Christar.

Clinical Supervision for Mental Health Interns who are in pursuit of State Licensure, Professional Speaking and Training for continuing education for both professionals and the public and Expert Witness Testimony. Businesses Consultations for organizational functioning and wellness are also available. Contact our office for more information about these services.

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