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No family is perfect. Every family will get into disagreements, have child discipline problems, have parenting concerns and have unfortunate and sad life events occur. Every family will also need to have family meetings to resolve differences and set new goals. Every family will pull together as a unit to cope with tough times and major change. Blended families and families in transition have a special set of challenges.

Everyone's personality and history are different. Everyone processes information differently. Everyone has different preferences, abilities, challenges. Sometimes, folks are able to come together and figure out ways to continue on despite these differences and life challenges. If you are finding it increasingly difficult to find solutions, counseling may be helpful for your family. Everyone needs help sometimes.

Family Counseling helps you and your family to grow and change as you need to, improve communication and restore sanity to chaos. Parenting education can get you back on track with your parenting goals and behavioral strategies for helping the children. Couples Counseling can restore the core to your family so everyone can thrive and enjoy this life by living each day to the fullest... despite differences and challenging times.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be best for me to meet with the parents first. Sometimes, the children need to be seen first to help establish trust and rapport. Other times, meeting with the whole family at once may be the best plan.

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If you feel like you know how to proceed, you may book an appointment for "Family Counseling" or "Parent Consultation" or "Initial Assessment for Child" HERE.

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