About Our Team


Owner and Executive Director

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Nationally Board Certified Counselor

Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner

Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Nationally Approved Clinical Supervisor

Registered Yoga Teacher 200

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress, Diplomat

State of Florida Qualified Clinical Supervisor

Certified Meditation Teacher

"I want to help you find you remember who you are. By helping you navigate the situations in your life that are preventing you from living a life of joy, by assisting you in resolving trauma while finding compassion for yourself and by teaching you some new skills, you can move forward in your life on your terms and return to your true nature. Finding balance in your mind, body, energy and spirit will help you to not only care for yourself, but to also care for others with ease, joy and creativity."

Read more about Stacey's credentials and experience here.

Valarie Olsen, MA, LMHC, RYT200, AYS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Registered Yoga Teacher 200

Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist

State of Florida Qualified Clinical Supervisor

Certified Meditation Teacher

"My approach is one of wellness and compassion, keeping the focus on the counseling relationship and encouraging clients to tap into their own inner wisdom and ability to heal."

Read more about Valarie's credentials and experience here.

Heidi Swanson, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Meditation Teacher

"more coming soon"

Read more about Heidi's credentials and experience here.

Christar Damiano, LMT, RYT200

Licensed Massage Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher 200

Certified Life Coach

Reiki Master

"I believe that everyone possesses the power to heal themselves, and I believe that God has blessed me with a gift as a healer. I use a gentle yet firm approach to working out your issues. I can suggest stretches, nutrition tips and essential oils to assist in the process so you can feel great and live your best life."

Read more about Christar's credentials and experience here.

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